The Ingenue

I was never much into opera or the operetic style until I heard Sarah Brightman sing. My interest in her began at the same time as my interest in Michael Crawford took off- when I was about four. I have been hooked ever since and developed a love for the opera.

It still amazes me that critics did not want her in the role of Christine when "Phantom" first came to the US in 1988. They even went so far as to say that she could not sing the part properly; a ridiculous statement to say the least considering that role was written for her.

Sarah has a very unique voice; a clear, pure soprano, that comes from a very small person.
During an appearance on "Live with Regis and Kelly" Regis commented on this. And it's true. For some reason that perhaps some of you may know, the size of voice seems related to the size of person and most operatic sopranoes are considerably, well, larger than Sarah.

Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford will always be my favorite duo. They had an amazing on-stage chemistry that came through on the music video for "POTO" and their voices were a heavenly match as well.

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Michael and Sarah.
Phantom of the Opera era?Portrait
Another portrait.La Luna portrait.Sarah with former husband Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Simply Sarah.From the recent Quite Reflections. Promo for one of her albums.
Another promo.From the Another promo picture.This has always been one of my favorite pictures. I don't why either.